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All payments must be received no later than 2 days after the sale date. US Dollars are the only acceptable currency for payments.

Full payments for successful purchases must be sent by bank wire transfer.

We offer financing to some major destinations, please contact us for more information on financing.
You can get the financing pricing quote by clicking on the "Financing Calculator" button.
Financing to Ghana and Nigeria.
By signing this agreement Customer agrees to the following Financing terms and conditions:
  • The current financing rate is 2% per month from the date of the purchase for a 2 months timeframe.
  • The admin fee is USD $100 for every 30 days that the purchase is financed. An admin fee is charged on each separate financed purchase. The admin fee is not refundable.
  • Maximum financing term – 60 days which is two 30 day terms.
  • Minimum security deposit is 33% from the total invoice price of the vehicle.
  • Obligatory ocean shipping insurance cost is 1.5% of the total cost of the vehicle and all commissions and fees.
  • Customer agrees to pay for the balance of the financed vehicle by the end of the 60 day financing term.
  • If a customer refuses to pay for the remaining balance of the purchase at the end of the 60 day financing term, BidGoLive has a right to resell the car and charge the customer his 33% deposit as a penalty.
  • Balance payment must be done after 2 months period or at the time of arrival of the car, whichever comes first. All financing charges and admin fees are nonrefundable.
  • BidGoLive has the right to refuse financing for any reason.