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The Pontiac G6 is one of the mid-size cars and that was produced by company Pontiac and it was announced in 2004 year in order to replace the model Grand Am. The G6 was built on the Epsilon platform and that was shared along with the Saab 9 to 3 and Chevrolet Malibu. Based on Epsilon platform the G6 was produced from coupe, sedan as well as retractable hardtop. The trim levels were mainly offered on the GTP, GT and Sedan. The G6 has plenty of features like power accessories, a base model and CD audio. Moreover, GT added some niceties like to upgrade Monsoon audio system.

At the Pontiacs demise, the model G6 was lined up that included 164 horse power. The speed automatics were highly standardized and that come under different expect. Moreover, 4 cylinders got a six speed that raised the fuel economy. Even some of the power rating of G6 is notably efficiency and also the manual transmission is available on the certain basics. The Pontiac G6 provided a generous room this, especially for riding car in back and there it no matter of the body style. The Pontiac was stepped up the high efforts along with the G6 in outside it had a sleek as well as crisp look and inside of the G6, there was an attractive and restrained layout with traditional plastic switches. Turn your mind with those specification of car with trusted information website.

The G6 also has many plastic surfaces depends on the peoples' tastes. The conventional options of G6 are 3.9 liters and that avoid the extra suspensions. The handling G6 was respectable and power steering was very light that provided virtually no comments. From 2007, GT models had an efficient and improved steering setup of hydraulic motors. Along with their enhanced features, people recommended using G6 or newer models and barely this is more powerful.