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The Nissan D21 is a successor of the Datsun 720 and some countries term it as the Nissan Navara or Hard-body. This robust pickup truck features are double wall bed and a rugged exterior. The D21 comes in bed sizes of crew, king and standard cabs. There are versions with both five-speed manual transmissions and automatic transmissions. The Nissan D21 feature are rear plus four wheel drives and is powered with a six cylinder, 3 L engine. This van is available in two trim levels- the XE and the SE. Standard specifications include- air conditioning, large wheels plus tires, stereo, rear bumper, sliding back windows and others.

The Used Nissan D21 is a strong built and rugged towing plus hauling truck. If a family wants to buy this robust pick-up van, then they can conveniently vote for a used Nissan D21. This decision will guarantee the optimum value for money and will overcome all budgetary constraints. After seeking expert advice and doing his background study, a shopper needs to settle on a reliable dealership. Among all the platforms offering second hand cars in Nigeria, the Insurance Auto Auction is highly recommended. A buyer can select any model from the huge collection of used Nissan D21 for sale at IAA. is recognized as the most authentic of official agents for the IAA. They are an online search engine who export used IAA cars from USA to overseas countries, including Nigeria. A client can use this portal to search for a car and participate in an online real time bidding process. He can then get the best deal without even being physically present at an IAA auction. The exhaustive “how to buy” guide assists customers at all steps through the buying procedure. Any additional doubts can be solved through the 24-hour helpline provided by the web page.