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Kia Motors manufactured Hyundai Entourage from 2006 to 2009, for their sister company – Hyundai. It was a variant of the Kia Carnival, under the brand name of Hyundai. This minivan was empowered with a strong acceleration and a smooth ride, with good safety scores and a quality built. It came in three trim levels – the base GLS, the SE level, and the limited trim level. However, this model had to bite the dust, within three years of its launch. The primary factor for this was its poor sales performance.

A pre-owned Entourage can be a rather appealing offer for its customer. It holds all the features and specifications of the leading minivan names. Moreover, a buyer can ensure least cost when he decides to go for a used Hyundai Entourage. If a shopper wishes to choose his Entourage model from a variety of options, he can pick the auction platform called the Insurance Auto Auction. These certified online portal of salvage vehicles have partnerships with multiple insurance agencies, fleet car leasers, dealerships, and car renting organizations. Consequently, one can undeniably go to IAA and buy their preferred minivan from the exhaustive inventory of used Hyundai Entourage for sale at the IAA.

In the Nigerian market, a potential purchaser of second hand automobiles might find it hard to be physically present at auctions or to approach the IAA directly. To shorten the procedure, a customer can seek the help of This dependable and bonafide website is the certified agency of the IAA. They export and trade IAA cars from US to places like Nigeria and Ghana. A shopper just needs to glance through their catalog of recovered cars, click on his desired model, and participate in an online bidding process. He can do this from the comforts of his home and from any remote location. also provides full support to customers through its all-embracing “how to buy” guide and the committed 24 hours helpline on its website.