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Large full size 4-door Chrysler Concorde is a front wheel drive sedan that has been produced from 1993 – 2004 by Chrysler. The sedan car is assembled in Brampton and Ontario of Canada with front wheel drive and front engine longitudinal layout holding Chrysler LH platform. The engine of the vehicle is 3.3L and 3.5L pushrod V6 in which the valves were replaced with the cylinder SOHC. The car holds 4-speed automatic 42LE transmission along with the predecessor Chrysler LHS or New Yorker. During the following years the model has undergone various changes from 1993-1997 which leads to the improvements in the technical specs the mentioned years were termed as first generation. The second generation has been termed for the vehicles that were manufactured during from 1998-2004.

The Chrysler Concorde is one such four wheel sedan from the range of Chrysler Corporation which has gained much fame at its time of performance on the roads. Being a popular model from the Chrysler, the Chrysler Concorde is having fans now a days also. The best option to get a Chrysler Concorde is to go with a used Chrysler Concorde sale happening in various parts of Nigeria. The Insurance Auto Auction is an ideal platform for buying used car. With the association the IAA have with car and insurance companies, there are many used Chrysler Concorde for sale in the collection of IAA which a buyer in Nigeria can participate in the car auctions and own the same.

The is the most trusted name when we talk about the Auctions happening at the used car market in Nigerian regions. Since the is associated with the Insurance Auto Auction, the car lovers can participate in the IAA Auctions via the help of There is no need to actually be present at the auction. The not only offers auction possibilities, but also offers Buy now option for the interested buyers. Once the payment is made, the makes it possible to get the vehicle transferred to Nigeria and Ghana regions with proper legal shipment documentation. The ‘How to Buy’ guide given in the website makes it easier for the car buyers to have a clear idea about the process.