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Chrysler 200 is a mid-size class car that consists of four doors. Since 2010 the vehicle is marketed and manufactured by Chrysler. The car models are named as year 2011 to 2017. The vehicles are usually assembled in sterling and Michigan states of United States. Chrysler 200 is also called Lancia Flavia. The body style of the car is 4-door sedan and it could be convertible to 2-door. The layout of the car is designed in a transverse front-engine and front wheel drive. The car is introduced from the platform Chrysler JS platform and is designed with 3.6L and 2.4L world I4 gasoline engine with 4-speed transmission.

Chrysler 200 is one such mid-size model which every car lover would love to own from the portfolio of Chrysler Cars. Due to the facelifts and upgradations given by the Chrysler, it is not easy for common man to access this model’s new version. Here comes the relevance of the Insurance Auto Auction. Having association with various insurance companies and automobile dealers Insurance Auto Auction act as a premier name in conducting auto auctions. There are many used Chrysler 200 for sale at the IAA, from which an interested Nigerian resident can select and participate to own this desired car model from the Chrysler.

The is the most reliable name in Nigeria and Ghana areas to participate in the auto auctions conducted by the Insurance Auto Auctions, without being actually present at the auction occasion. The handles cars of different types such as used cars, damaged cars, salvage cars, moving cars and non-moving cars etc., from which the buyer can select his model and participate in the auction. There are two options available at the website to own a desired car model such as bidding option and Buy Now option. Once the payment is made, the buyer in the areas like Nigeria and Ghana may sit and wait for the car to get transferred safely to the ordered location.