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The Nissan Xterra is one of Nissan Corporation’s established 4 door, 5 passenger midsized SUVs. With a robust model, a high ground clearance, cruise control, inbuilt compass, navigation system and hill descent plus ascent controls, this car is well known for it’s off road capabilities. The interior layout is comparatively simple, but is enhanced with lots of space both for passengers and cargo alike. There are some additional features, which put is well ahead of other crossover SUVs in its range; such as- Audio with Bluetooth connectivity, 5 inch color display and an assimilation of mobile apps. The 4L, V6 engine provides a good torque and manual transmission render is quite reliable on rugged roads.

For adventurous youngsters looking to venture into some off road antics, the used Nissan Xterra can completely serve the purpose and that too at reasonable pricing. Certified pre owned Nissan vehicles offer the best value for money and are also reliable provided that they are bought from authentic platforms. After seeking expert advice, any Nigerian citizen can opt for the Insurance Auto Auction dealership that offers second hand and salvage vehicles at very affordable rates. The IAA has tie ups with various insurance companies and is renowned for their reliability and best salvage car deals. One can choose from a wide assortment of used Nissan Xterra for sale at the IAA. is an authorized agent of the IAA that exports cars from USA to the Nigerian market. This dependable search engine is certified with all the required legal credentials. This online platform has a friendly user interface, an extensive inventory of used cars and a thorough “How to Buy” guide. A buyer can now purchase IAA cars by bidding online without having to take part in actual auctions. They can also directly acquire certain few select models through the “Buy Now” button. The 24/7 helpline is continuously available to answer any queries of customers about the accurate condition of cars listed on the webpage.