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The Nissan NX is a two-door, hatchback and front wheel drive, sports car from Nissan Corporations. It was unveiled in Japan during the year 1990. The NX was essentially designed after combining specifications of two models- the Nissan Sunny and the Nissan Pulsar. It came in two versions- the NX1600 (1.6 L, 110 HP) and NX2000 (2.0 L, 140 HP). This model featured a beefed-up suspension, wide tires, stable brakes, two-core radiator and a middle armrest. The 1992 model improved with the addition of electrically operated doors and cruise control, while the 1993 version incorporated a T-bar roof. The Nissan NX is still renowned for its lightweight, slip resistance and smooth handling.

A used Nissan NX is an asset for sports car addicts. The manufacturing year and make does not matter much as long as one can fulfill his dream of owning that perfect coupe. A moderately used Nissan NX with pre owned certification and a decent service history is the best value for money. After a potential buyer does all his individual research, he can approach a reliable dealership to process the deal. If the shopper is from Nigeria, he can rely on the Insurance Auto Auction for the best arrangements of salvage cars and used cars resale. An array of used Nissan NX is available for sale at the IAA.

If a Nigerian client wants an IAA car, he can finalize his deal through This online agency is the registered broker of the Insurance Auto Auction and has been certified as completely authentic. After the purchase is made, they also ship the designated cars to Nigeria. The buying process is very simple- open the website, search through the car lists, shortlist the desired model, and participate in real time bidding. One need not be present at the IAA auction to undergo this procedure. Other aspects of this search engine embrace the continuously committed 24-hour helpline and the detailed “how to buy” guide part on the webpage.