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The Nissan NV is the first complete van built by Nissan Corporations, especially for sale in the US and Canada. This car features a rear wheel drive with five-speed automatic transmission. The NV is available in three models- the NV1500, NV2500 and NV3500. It features 4L, V6 and 5.6L V8 engines. The seating arrangement of this range of cars is very flexible and can be modified to hold maximum number of passengers. The pricing is affordable and the safety specifications are decent. The Nissan NV gives a smooth ride with minimum noise levels and good visibility.

As a full sized family opting for a spacious van, the Nissan NV is an ideal choice. If one needs to settle on an economic option, then he can go for a decently handled and used Nissan NV. A buyer should however ensure that the model is pre owner certified and holds a solid service record. Another aspect of buying a second hand car is to decide wisely on the dealership platform. For a Nigerian citizen, the most recommended and reliable option is to buy a used car from the Insurance Auto Auction. There are salvage vehicles of all makes and years available here. One can also pick an NV from the huge collection of used Nissan NV for sale at the IAA.

Any IAA car can be purchased via the official brokers of the Insurance Auto Auction. This authentic and online search engine exports IAA cars from USA to Nigeria. One can take part in the online auction of IAA cars through this website. He can also buy certain models directly by using the “buy now” button. has a precise and extensive “how to buy” guide section which helps customers through the entire buying process. The 24x7 helpline works tirelessly to address any additional queries raised by clients anytime during the day.