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The Nissan Leaf is a five-door, front wheel drive, and hatchback electric car, launched by Nissan Corporations in 2010. It is available in three trim styles- the S, SV and SL. Other features include- wide tires, automated climate and cruise control, adjustable driver seat and navigation system. The Nissan Leaf is powered by an 80 KW electric motor that gives it a decent speed. Safety ratings in this class of cars are excellent for side and frontal impacts. With a spacious interior, the Leaf is sufficiently smooth to drive, quiet and efficient. The Nissan Leaf is now running its sixth year without any significant redesign.

An individual desiring an environment friendly vehicle can easily settle for a used Nissan Leaf. Not only will he be able to enjoy a calm pollution less drive, he can achieve this at a much lesser price. For Nigerian citizens, several dealerships sell used Leaf models at good prices. However, if one is looking for reliability along with cost, he should opt for the Insurance Auto Auction. An assortment of used Nissan Leaf is put up for sale at the IAA almost every day. A buyer has the option to make his choice from the wide range of models, makes, manufacturing years and specifications available here.

To make a deal with the IAA, one should approach them through an authorized agent, such as This online portal is widely sought after for their dependability and authentic credentials. They export and ship salvage cars from the United States to overseas nations, including Nigeria. For making the purchase, a prospective buyer needs to sit through an online real time bidding process conducted through the website. He can do this from the comfort of his home without being actually present at the IAA auction. Customers can also use the detailed “how to buy” guide and dial the 24 hour customer care number to clarify any additional doubts during the process.