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Nissan Juke was launched in the year 2010 by Nissan Motor Corporation Japan, as one of its most successful compact crossover SUVs. Enhanced with eccentric design, affordable price, and utmost safety measures, the Nissan Juke is a tempting choice for any car addict. Included under the segment of Mini Sports Utility Vehicles, this SUV has efficient steering, 1.2 / 1.5 L petrol/ diesel driven power engines, full air conditioning, electric controlled windows and cruise plus climate control. Moreover, owing to its reliability, imposing driver control and sharp looks, this range of super-minis is bound to make many heads turn on the road. Among its several other features, it is noteworthy to highlight the Integrated Control, shortly called as I-CON.

A moderately used Nissan Juke is the ideal choice for anyone looking for buying this SUV in the Nigerian Market. For any middle class family, this decision will ensure maximum value for money and would overcome any budgetary constraints. There are several agencies in Nigeria that deal in the business of second-hand cars. Used Nissan Juke models are available for sale at the Insurance Auto Auction (IAA) that provides authentic salvage cars for sale at affordable rates. One can now relish all the comforts of this dream sports car with full reliability and minimum expenses. is the most sought after online platform for individuals seeking to buy authentic used cars in Nigeria. Since it is certified with authorized legal credentials, one can rely on this company without any second thoughts. The site is user friendly, is equipped with a thorough how to buy guide and has an extensive inventory of cars. A customer can opt for real time bidding during auctions or directly purchase (few select cars) using the “buy now” option. If any client has doubts about the car conditions in the website, he can directly reach out to’s 24x7 customer service helpline.