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The Nissan Cube is a compact hatchback car launched by the Japanese automobile manufacturers- Nissan Corporations. The four-door cube features an automatic CVT and a 1.8 L, four-cylinder engine. The back seats have ample passenger space and one can fold them back to hold considerable cargo volume. This stylish car comes in two trim styles - S and SL. The agile Nissan Cube can be conveniently parked anywhere and boasts of a spacious, luxuriously designed cabin. Riding this model is very comfortable with an adjustable driving seat and plenty of head plus leg space.

If an individual wants to settle for a moderately used car that is almost at par with crossover SUVs, then the Nissan Cube is an ideal choice. These models can be expensive if bought brand new. A pre owner certified and used Nissan Cube comes with all the benefits and is a pocket friendly option. When going for second hand vehicles, the major decision a shopper needs to make is his choice of dealership. There are numerous reliable platforms selling salvage cars in Nigeria. One of them and most reliable is the Insurance Auto Auction. Having partnerships with diverse insurance companies, a client can pick from a wide assortment of used Nissan Cube for sale at the IAA. is a popular online search engine in Nigeria. They are the official brokers of IAA, through which the IAA exports salvage cars from USA. also helps in transportation of purchased cars. All customer needs to do in order to buy an IAA car is to participate in a real time bidding process on the website. He does not have to be physically present at the auction. is enhanced with a simple user interface, an extensive car listing and a through “how to buy “guide. They also have a 24x7-customer care helpline to aid clients through all their doubts and queries.