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The Nissan Quest minivan is one of the most competitive model launched by the Japanese auto manufacturers-Nissan Corporation in 1993. Spanning over 4 generations, the latest model has a 3.5 L V6 engine with CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). The interiors of the Quest enhance this minivan with an almost luxurious outlook. Equipped for seating up to 7 passengers comfortably, the plush appointed cabin and high tech features add to the sophistication. The easily accessible cabin controls and foldable second row seats make it roomier still. Overall, the Nissan Quest is ideally set for a family, owing to its smooth driving, easy handling and hassle free power deliverance.

There haven’t been any significant changes in the newer models of the Nissan Quest. Therefore a family looking to own this van can easily go for a second hand make. This option is affordable and a buyer can be confident of securing a version which is still in very good shape. A moderately used Nissan Quest is an excellent choice for anyone looking to expand his family. For families in Nigeria, there are many reliable organizations that deal in the resale of such salvage cars. However, the group that tops the Nigerian marketplace list is the Insurance Auto Auction. Used Nissan Quest minivans of varied specifications are accessible for sale at IAA. is one of the most sought after search engines dealing in used cars in Nigeria. This online portal can be a completely safe option due to its numerous legal certifications. The website is equipped with a straightforward user interface, an all inclusive “how to buy” guide and an all-embracing catalog of recovered cars. A customer can choose the real time bidding option, where the best price wins without having to be present physically during the auction. One can also buy certain select models directly through the “Buy Now” button. The 24x7 customer care helpline of is accessible all through the week to solve any doubts raised by customers about the state of the car they want.