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The Suzuki Grand Vitara is a compact, sports utility car that combines off road capability with on road comfort. Spanning across two generations, the first-generation models come with a truck like framework, with V6 power and a four-wheel-drive system and low-range gearing. The second-generation variants are similar, but display a frame, which is the blend of a car and truck chassis designs. It has various standard features and good performance capacity on rigged terrains.

A moderately used Suzuki Grand Vitara is a sensible choice if you are seeking basic transportation and regular drives on unpaved roads. While selecting a second hand model, once must perform a thorough study concerning the year and make, since each year comes with additional modifications. The marketplace for second hand vehicles holds a massive amount of used Vitara for resale. Several dealerships in Ghana suggest salvage cars at decent rates. Worthwhile to mention here is the Insurance Auto Auction, which is famed for their partnerships with numerous insurance companies. A buyer can pick a favoured version from the wide catalogue of used Suzuki Grand Vitara for sale at the IAA.

IAA carries out nearly all their dealings through different approved agencies. The most reliable of them is the online portal named They are an online search engine who deals in selling used IAA cars from the US market to Ghana along with other countries. All that a customer requires to do is to partake in an online bidding process through this website. He does not need to be there at the actual IAA auctions. is a 100% authentic group and they assist in delivery of acquired cars to any preferred locations within Ghana. Customers can also take benefit of the methodical “how to guide” section on the website and can get in touch with the 24-hour helpline anytime throughout the day.