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The 4-door sedan car was manufactured by Chrysler and started its production between the years 1993 to 2001. Chrysler LHS is a full size luxury class sedan is introduced from the Chrysler LH platform. The layout of the car is longitudinal front engine and front wheel drive. After the production the car is assembled in Brampton and Ontario of Canada. 3.5 L EGG V6 power train engine holds a transmission of 4-speed 42LE automatic. The vehicle has the 113.0 in wheelbase with 74.4 in, 207.4 in and 56.0 in as width, length and height. The car has been distinguished based on its model of years and they are 1994-1997 and 1999-2001.

A used Chrysler LHS is a nice choice to consider, when one think of buying a luxury sedan for his family to roam around the city. Not solely is that the call a solution to cope with money constraints, however one can even take pleasure in the luxurious options of this vehicle at an inexpensive worth. Once the decision is made to go with a used Chrysler LHS in Ghana, the best platform to approach is the Insurance Auto Auction. IAA can be opted due to their reliability and the service standards while selling used or salvage cars, and the tie ups they have with many insurance companies and auto dealers add value to their deals. One can select from a huge collection of used Chrysler LHS as there are many for sale at the IAA.

In a remote area like Ghana, a car lover may find it difficult to participate at the auctions of the IAA. Here comes the importance of in helping the customer to participate in the auctions of IAA. is the online portal playing an active role in showcasing cars of different brands in different conditions and enables the sellers to book it from regions like Nigeria and Ghana. The “How to Buy” guide given in the site makes it much simpler and convenient for the buyer to understand and purchase his desired car model. The buyer can participate in the auction to get the best deal or even may go with a Buy Now option active at the Once the transaction is done, then transports the purchased car from US to the country of import.