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The 4 door full and mid size sedan has been manufactured by Chrysler during 1983 to 1993. The name refers to a street in United States. The chronology of the car says that New Yorker Brougham is the predecessor with Chrysler LHS as successor. The rear wheel drive car is v8-powered with 118.5 inch wheelbase. After the successful journey of 3 years few others colors were added in the model. The FR layout, M-body platform is assembled in Windsor, St.Louis and Kenosha. The power train 5.2L LAV8 engine holding a transmission power of 3-speed A727 and A904 which is automatic with the wheelbase of 112.7 inch. The length, height and width are 206.7, 55.1 and 72.4 inches.

Chrysler Fifth Avenue was one such sedan which has gained much of a fame of its time under the Chrysler’s portfolio of cars. Since this model is no more in production line, there are many used Chrysler Fifth Avenue for sale in the regions like Nigeria and Ghana and still there are huge demand for the used models of this car. The Insurance Auto Auction is one such name which is active in conducting auto auction and they have really good collection of used Chrysler Fifth Avenue. Having relation with many insurance companies and auto dealers, the Insurance Auto Auction provides the chance to a Ghana person to own a used Chrysler Fifth Avenue with the best price point available in the region. is the most reputed name associated with the automobile auctions when one decide to buy a used car. Having a strong tie up with the Insurance Auto Auction, the offers the interested customers to stand a chance to take part in the auto auctions if IAA without being actually present at the auction event. The handles cars from categories such as used cars, salvage cars, damaged cars, moving and non-moving cars etc. and the customer can own his desired model with a bidding option or else with a buy now option. Once the payment is made by the customer, then he can sit and relax and wait for the car to get shipped to his place in Nigeria or Ghana, as is active in these areas.