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Chrysler Crossfire is manufactured by the very popular Chrysler Corporation between the periods of 2003 Feb and Dec 2007. The rear wheel drive was assembled in Osnabruck of Germany. The successful model has been designed by Eric Stoddard and Andrew Dyson. The 2-door coupe and convertible body style car is based on R170 platform. The vehicle shares 80% of its components with Benz SLK320. The sports class car is made of FR layout. The vehicle has 3.2LM112 E32 V6 and AMGM112 C32 V6 engine. The transmission of the vehicle is 5 and 6 speed automatic and Chrysler NSG370. The wheelbase of the car is 94.5 inch and the length, width and the height are 159.8, 69.5 and 51.5 & 51.8 inches respectively.

When it comes to the decision of owning a sports model from the coupe range like Chrysler Crossfire, it is not that easy to get an ideal model considering the top price factor and the reachability. Here comes the advantage of looking forward for a used car. In the paths of Ghana, the ideal option is to go with a Chrysler Crossfire sale at the Insurance auto auction. There are many used Chrysler Crossfire for sale at the IAA. Being a reputed name in the used car auctions in the region, the Insurance Auto Auction has got great connectivity with the insurance companies and automobile corporations and this make them to have successful auctions on various car models.

When it comes to used car industry, no one else can help a customer as much as the does. Let it be in terms of the user friendliness of the interface, listing database, the customer service or the reach, the is in front line. Having association with the Insurance Auto Auction, the makes it easier for the customers to participate in the auction of the IAA. There are cars of different types such as used cars, salvage cars, damaged cars, moving and non-moving cars in the portfolio and the customer can own the favorite model with the help of either bidding option or a buy now option. The customer service standards of the is impeccable and is offering 24 X 7 support to the buyers.